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About Me.

 Tara has been a hairstylist for 20 years but has always had a passion for doing hair. After graduating high school, Tara attended Southeastern Technical College to pursue certification as a Master Cosmetologist. After all of her years of practice, Tara continues to test her abilities and talents to always bring fresh ideas to her clients. This is evident in the fact that she has recently undergone training to become a certified hair loss practitioner and non-surgical hair replacement specialist. This allows her to work with dermatologists and oncologists. She can service clients with scalp disorders such as alopecia, chemotherapy patients, and male or female pattern baldness.


She also specializes in hair extensions, custom wigs, and hair prostheses.

 One of her favorite aspects of her profession is that it doesn't get old or feel like work to her. Every day is different and she enjoys meeting new people and making them leave the salon feeling truly confident. The energy and enthusiasm she brings is what her clients truly admire with every salon visit. She looks forward to seeing everyone.

Are you in need of a hair specialist? Tara J. is ready for you. Her shop is located at 907 B Hillcrest Parkway in Dublin, GA.

Meet Your Specialist: Tara J. 

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